Welcome to Vibe Courses! I am Brandy Joy and I am the founder of the Vibe educational brand. I am so glad you are here!

At Vibe Courses, I am here to help…

The spiritually curious! If you are looking for spiritual self-development & advice, you are going to love these courses on raising vibration and tapping into the deeper dimensions of reality.

Aspiring Lightworkers! If you love spiritual development and love helping other people, you can learn to do readings and to counsel others and provide more guidance and insight for your clients and loved ones.

Psychics & Professional Intuitives! Yes, I teach psychics & Intuitives how to use specific oracle systems and to understand the different types of psychic abilities. 

Spiritual development and oracle systems (like astrology & Tarot) are a HUGE passion of mine. Tantric meditation work and oracle systems have transformed my life, many times over. I want to share my years of skill development with you.



For the past decade, I have been leading workshops on meditation, spirit guide contact, past lives, and Tarot reading. People always approach me after my workshops and ask me how they can keep learning more with me. I never had a clear answer besides my phone number for personal mentoring, and I have done quite a bit of personal mentoring over the years. But I wanted to be able to teach more of these subjects. I am bubbling with spiritual experiences and practical methods of my work, and my spirit guides have been pushing me to share my work. 

My Guides set me on a mission. It was finally time for me to create an offering that would provide consistent connection to new tools and practices. I brainstormed ways to create a community and connect consistently. With this desire, I chose to create Vibe Courses. This is a place where I can share my knowledge with like minds and we can further our community discussions in the Vibe Tribe Facebook Community.